Our Story


Bryan Neel and Robby Vernon started this venture as a collaboration between two different menus that they both had meticulously structured around a "chef" driven menu--meaning they both wanted to bring a different aspect of Mexican style food to the OKC

Robby offers the freshest and most accessible ingredients and specifically covers every aspect of Mexican food that is in indicative of what is offered in the southeast corner of New Mexico, with a heavy emphasis on green and red Hatch chiles. 

Bryan brings the lost classic recipes of a 'Tex-mex' style that runs deep in parts of Texas and Oklahoma that has vaulted the cult desire for Mexican style food in this part of the Central United States. 

The two menus combined together have given birth to our first venture called Hacienda Tacos. Along with an added twist of a southern style taco from the Baja region. 

This along with every other aspect of our menu gives our customers a never ending medley of favors that is Hacienda Tacos. We offer a wide variety of different Tacos and dishes that can satisfy any need, whether it be seafood, traditional Tex-mex or New Mexican style flare. 

The vast array of soups, salads, tacos and dinner dishes are sure to satisfy a wide spectrum of Mexican flavors with the utilization of fresh product with a heavy emphasis on a wide variety of chilis from all across the world. This is Hacienda Tacos. Welcome to our world.